When the people you need to survey are rare, scattered and off-the-grid, we'll find them in days without breaking the bank.
We Specialize in the Hard-To-Find
When our clients call us looking for unique target survey participants that meet specific and uncommon criteria, we get excited. At Bamba, we specialize in these challenging cases; our tool can deliver your participants in days using an automated algorithm that self-learns.
50% Incident Rate
When your target participants match 50% of the world's population, they're easy to find, and any number of panel-building companies can help you.
10% Incident Rate
When your target participants match 10% of the world's population, they're harder to find. Panel-building services are less effective, and a handful of specialized tools out there may be able to help. We certainly can.
1% Incident Rate
When your target participants make up only 1% of the world's population or less, you're looking for unicorns. This is our wheelhouse; we'll find them with unmatched speed, price, and accuracy.
Why Bamba is Different
Custom Participants
You define the target participants. No restrictions to an existing panel or database; be as specific as you like.
Rapid, Real-Time Results
Results can be delivered in days. They begin streaming in immediately, visible on a dashboard you can monitor in real-time.
No need to worry about panels, response rates, incidence rates, quality assurance measures or incentives. We take care of it.
Quality Assurance Checks
Bamba's quality control and assurance measures ensure high-quality data. Learn about our QA process here.
Global Reach
Our technology can be deployed in 177 countries around the world. Projects span across regions, countries, and continents.
Low Cost
Bamba's automated algorithm self-learns, becoming more efficient as it finds participants. This keeps costs low.
How Bamba Works
Get Specific
  • Give us the criteria for your ideal participant
  • Tell us how many responses you need
  • We'll give you a quote and timeline
Build Your Survey
  • Identify the information you want to collect
  • Build your questionnaire (we can help!)
  • Draw on our expertise to build the most effective survey possible
Let Bamba Do the Rest
  • Our automated, self-learning algorithm will get to work for you
  • It will track down your target participants and deliver your survey
  • You'll sit back and watch the results roll in (in real-time)
Our Clients